My Jonas Stories
Heyyyy my name is Alysha, Aly for short. I'm a simple girl: i like to hang out with my friends, read, listen to music. My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers. I love their music and everything they stand for. My friends are a big part of my life. One of my BFFAE (Best Friends For All Eternity) is Nathy. I call her Nemo cuz we made up this whole list where our friends are the characters in Finding Nemo...Anyway, she is seriously the greatest friend a person could ask for. She's nice, funny, frivolous (Inside joke lol), super intelligent, caring, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. Next up is Leeashaa (Dudecrush....long story). She gives the best advice ever. I've known her for 3 years now and she has become one of my BFFAE's as well. She's funny, smart, caring, sweet, and I love her like a sister. Jeff (squirt) is another one of my best friends. He only recently became besties, but I can talk to him about anything and everything. Raphaela (squishy) is a very....strange....person. She's kind of evil....but that works because I love her sooooooo much. She brightens my mood....even if she is violent. I use her abusive actions to my advantage heheheh... Shantall (darla) is weird, crazy, and a little childish sometimes, but she's a great friend. Those are the people who keep me grounded. They're the reason why I like going to school. I guess I'm pretty smart. My class is 'gifted' lol yea...sure.....I'm taking mostly AP classes next year and I have the top classes in the school right now. I like to write and read. Hate to do homework. I love music. I have what I call a "Song of the Week". I get really into a different song every week. Whatever song it is, I will set my iPod dock to wake me up to that song for that week. I like Twilight. I don't think Stephanie Meyer can write that well, but she had an amazing idea with the story. I went to see the movie with my friends and we  made it a tradition to go see New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn as well when they come out. The picture above is of some of my friends when we were working on a Caps For Cancer poster for the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Caps For Cancer was a fund-raising idea to help kids with cancer. We were holding a hat drive to give caps to kids with cancer who lose their hair because of chemo therapy. The order in the picture from left to right is: Brendan, Me, Lauren (Frodo!), Nathy, Jeff, and Raphaela. My favorite color is blue. (idk why anyone would like any other color i mean blue is just awesome duhhh) My favorite bands are: Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Parachute, The All-American Rejects, Switchfoot, Three Days Grace, Green Day, Yellowcard, Nickelback, Killswitch Engage, Linkin Park, Hey Monday, The Fray, Flyleaf, Evanescence, EndeverafteR, Boys Like Girls, Honor Society,  Tokio Hotel,  Bowling For Soup, and Bon Jovi. My favorite singers are: Demi Lovato, Jason Mraz, Elvis Costello, Jesse McCartney, JoJo, Lady GaGa, Pink, Vanessa Hudgens, and The Veronicas. I can cook, I just choose not to.I don't have a favorite book. But I do have a lot of books that I like. Some of the most memorable ones are books by Sarah Dessen. She is an amazing author and I love her books. They are so sweet, but they always have lots of drama so it's always really really REALLY good. I don't know what there is left to write so I'm out. PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST!!!!!! <3