My Jonas Stories

From Friends To More: The Skater Chick (A Nick Jonas Love Story) Intro

Alysha Torres: 16; looks 21 because she has full breasts and long legs, thin wast but curvy in the right places; has long black hair that reaches her waist; lightest gray eyes you will eversee, they kinda blend in with the whites of her eyes; about 5"7 or 5"8; total skater chick and dresses the part (sweatpants, cargos, loose-fitted tees, etc....); has been best friend with Nick Jonas since 4th grade and has a huge crush on him, she thinks she's in love with him but she also thinks he will only go for girls who wears girly clothes; only has two girl friends (Rocio and Nathy); nicknamed Aly; fights often; on a skate crew called LiQuIfIeD; homeschooled until now but knows who certain people are at school; sophomore; virgin
Nick Jonas: 16; has two older brothers (Joe and Kevin); best friends with Aly and protective of her because he thinks she looks like a model in whatever she wears; on the same skate crew as Aly; in love with Aly but has never told anyone because he thinks she's out of his league; lives down the street from Aly; sophomore; virgin
Joe Jonas: 17; thinks of Aly as his little sister and is protective of her;on same skate crew; dating Nathy; junior; virgin
Kevin Jonas: 18; thinks of Aly as his little sister and is protective of her; on same skate crew; dating Rocio for 2 years straight; senior; virgin
Nathalya Adocia: 17; best friends with Aly and Rocio; long brown hair with blonde highlights at the end all the way to her midback; dark brown eyes; about 5'"5; dating Joe; not on skate crew but learning from Joe and dresses skater-ish; stands up for her friends; junior; virgin
Rocio Alquati: 18; best friends with Aly and Nathy; layered brown hair with orange higlights down to her shoulder blades; redish-orange eyes, about 5"6; dating Kevin for 2 years and they've neverbroken up, though they have got into arguments from time to time; dresses punk-rockish; not on skate crew but supports them; senior; not a virgin
Zac Efron: 17; on same skate crew; has a crush on Aly but knows that she likes Nick
Mitchel Musso: 16; best guy friend of Nick; on same skate crew
Selena Gomez: 16; bitch/lut of the school; always torments Aly about dressing like a guy; wants to sleep with Nick; girly; airhead; wears short skirts and tight, racy outfits constantly; rich; not a virgin; sophomore
Miley Cyrus: 16; follows Selena; bitch/slut; helps make Aly's life hell; wants to sleep with any of the Jonai; girly; airhead; wears slutty clothes; rich; not a virgin; sophomore
Mandy Jiroux: 17; follows Selena; bitch/slut; helps make Aly's life hell; wants to sleep with Kevin; girly; airhead; wears slutty clothes; rich; not a virgin; junior
Cody Linley: 18; on same skate crew; thinks of himself as captain; wants to sleep with Aly because he saw her changing in her room when her blinds were up and he saw her body; not a virgin; junior (failed a grade); sort of a player
Rob: 18; dated Nathy and almost raped her; moved and hasn't seen her in 3 years; Danny's cousin; senior
Danny: 18; dated Rocio and raped her at a party because she wouldn't have sex with him; moved and hasn't seen her in 3 years; senior

Chapter 1: School, Projects, and A Fight?

Aly's POV

       I got out of the shower and dressed in my caargo pants, loose white tee, and Vans. I grabbed my black and white checkered Jansport backpack and my matching skateboard and headed downstairs.

"Don't tell me you're going to school like that," my mom sighed.

"Of course not," I smiled. "I'm wearing my hair up." She sighed again and I laughed while taking a slice of toast and heading for the door. "I'm going to the skate park after school with the guys! Bye mom!" I called over my shoulder as I closed the door behind me.

End of POV

Nick: Sup dude? *puts fist out*

Aly: Hey man. *pounds fist*

Joe: *puts skateboard down and rides off* Let's go.

Kevin: Hey Aly. * starts riding to school*

Aly: Hey Kev. *rides to school between Nick and Kevin*

---At School---

Selena: Hey Nicky!!! *flirty and gives Nick a long hug & a kiss on his cheek* Who's this? *looks at Aly*

Nick: Hey Lena. *one arm still around Selena* This is my best friend, Aly. *smiles*

Selena: Oh. *fake smiles* Hi.

Aly: Hey *jealous*

Miley: *comes over with Mandy & they hug all 3 Jonai* Hey Joey. *smiles at him*

Joe: *looking for Nathy* Hi.

Mandy: Who's this, Kev? *stands closer to him*

Selena: This is Aly. *gives them a 'look'*

Mandy: *fake smile* Hi.

Miley: So what do you like to do, Aly? *being fake, Fake, FAKE!*

Aly: *pats skateboard* Skate. *serious face*

Nick: *laughs with Joe and Kevin* That's all you ever do.

Nathy: *walks over with Rocio* Hey guys. *kisses Joe* Hey Joey.

Rocio: *kisses Kevin* Hey babe.

Cody: *walks over with Zac and Mitchel* Hey dudes. *smiles at Aly* Dudettes.

Nick: *saw Cody smile at Aly and gets annoyed* Yeah. Hi. What class do you have first, Aly?

Aly: *takes out her schedule* Ummm......Health Studies?.......

Nick: Me too. *really happy on the inside*

Selena: So do me and Miley. What a coincidence...... *smiles at Nick*

---Health Class----

Mr.Garder: Everyone pick a partner and take seat.

Nick: *talking to Aly* Wanna be partners? *hopeful*

Aly: *smiles* Yeah, sure. *they sit together*

Selena: *watching from the back of the class and gets mad*

Mr.Garder: I hope you all like your partners. For your first assignment, you will be parenting a 5 lb bag of flour.

Aly: *groans and puts her head down; Nick stifles a laugh while watching her*

Mr.Garder: You must take the 'baby' with you everywhere except for school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays unless you have a proper baby-sitter for the whole year. At the end of the year, you will write a whole page essay on what the experiment has taught you.

Nick: *mumbles* Mr.Garder has officially lost it.....

Aly: *sighs & mumbles* I hate school already......


Aly: *walks into the cafeteria looking for a place to sit*

Selena: *shouts* Aly! Over here!

Aly: *walks over* Hey.

Miley: Can you do us a favor? *smiles fakely*

Aly: *notices them being all FAKE* Ummmm.....ok.....?

Mandy: Stay away from Joe, Nick, and Kevin. *attitude*

Aly: *getting pissed* Excuse me?

Miley: Are you deaf?

Aly: *scoffs* You know what? *slams her tray down on the table*

Chapter 2: The Skatepark

Selena: No, I don't know 'what'! *stands up* Why don't you tell us?!

Aly: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can tell me what to do! Especially some stuck-up airheads who probably slept with almost every guy in this school!

Miley: *stands up & gets in Aly's face* You can NOT talk to us that way!!!

Mandy: Just who the hell do you think you are?!?!

Aly: Someone you wouldn't mess with if you knew what was good for you. And get out of my face!!! *shoves Miley hard and she falls backward on the floor*

Nick: *watching the whole thing from his table with the skate team, Rocio, & Nathy; gets up and goes to pull Aly away* Aly, calm down. *holding back a laugh & pulls her over to his table*

Joe: What happened? *has one arm draped over Nathy's shoulder* It would be just like you to get in a fight on your fist day in a public school.....

Nick: Yeah, what did they say that was so bad? *sits down*

Aly: Nothing important...*sits between Cody & Nick, but across from Zac* Just make sure you tell your little girlfriends to stay away from me unless they want to pay for ANOTHER nosejob each.

Nathy: *laughs along with everyone else* Where's your lunch?

Aly: I forgot it at those bitches' table........

Zac: You can have some of my sandwich. Not that hungry. *gives her half*

Nick: And my apple. I don't know why I got it. *thinking: why is Zac giving her food? does he like her?*

Cody: *puts his milk in front of her and she looks at him* I'm lactose intolerent. *smiles at her*

Aly: Thanks. *kinda smiles at him; Rocio gives her a look that says 'you're supposed to be flirting with Nick, not Cody' and Aly shrugs her shoulders*

Rocio: I don't like Mandy. Why didn't you push her too? *puts head on Kevin's shoulder* I would've pushed her. I would've pushed her so hard. *picks head up* Then I would've stepped on her.

Kevin: *laughs like everyone else* Violent today, huh?

Rocio: Hellz yes. *pecks him on the lips quickly & the bell rings*

---After School In The Front---

Cody: *comes up behind Aly* You guys ready to skate or what?

Aly: *jumps and shrieks a little, but stumbles into Nick* Cody, I'm going to kill you for that.

Nick: *helps her stand up straight* Wow....someone's special......

Aly: *finally gets her balance & smacks Nick's arm* Take it back!

Nick: *holding his arm* Ok, ok, ok......I take it back.......

Aly: *smiles triumphantly and starts skating to the skate park with the others following her except Rocio and Nathy who are driving* That's more like it. *they get to the skatepark* I'm going on the halfpipe. *rides off*

Nathy: Don't break anything this time, Joe. *kisses him quickly and walks over to the bleachers*

Rocio: *hugs Kevin* I'm hugging you now because I don't want to hug you when you're all sweaty. *goes over to the bleachers and sits next to Nathy*

Joe: I cannot wait until the party this Friday.

Cody: Why? You planning on getting some action? *smirks*

Joe: I told you it ain't like that with Nathy! *playfully shoves him*

Cody: No, thats not it! You're whipped!!!! *they start 'wrestling'*

Kevin: Did Aly say she was coming to the party?

Nick: I don't know. You know she doesn't go to pool parties.

Zac: Maybe she doesn't know it's a pool party cuz she said she might go earlier today.

Aly: Are you chicks gonna skate or what? *rides past*

Mitchel: I'm gonna skate.....Hey! I'm not a chick! *rides off after Aly*

---3 Hours Later---

Cody: I guess that's enough for today. It's getting too dark.

Nick: *sitting on the bleachers with everyone while they are all packing up* I'm so worn out....

Joe: *drinking water* You and me both.......

Aly: I gotta go. *stands up with her bag and her skateboard* My mom has been bugging me lately. *leaving*

Rocio: *smacks the back of Nick's head* Go walk her home! It's dark! What if something happens to her?!

Nick: *holding the back of his head* Ok, ok! Jeez.....*grabs his stuff and follows where Aly went* Aly? Are you out here?

Chapter 3: Girl Of My Dreams

Aly: Nick? *squints eyes at him* What are you doing? And why are you following me?

Nick: I cam to make sure you wouldn't fall and break something or get kidnapped on your way home.

Aly: Oh...well, um, thanks... I guess... *feels good inside because he cares but doesn't show it*

Nick: You is welcome. *they laugh*

---With the others---

Cody: Thanks a lot, Rocio. *sarcastic and rolls his eyes*

Rocio: What did I do? *arms wrapped around Kevin's neck and she's sitting on his lap*

Kevin: Yeah, Caody. *squints eyes at Cody* What did she do?

Cody: You let Nick go off with Aly... the dark... nice job, really nice job. That should be me.

Rocio: Stop using riddles! What the hell are you talking about?! You know, just like the rest of us, that Nick is madly in love with Aly.

Cody: You women always think someone is in love. And don't ever use the 'L' word around me again. Trust me, Aly will be in MY bed after that party on Friday, not Nick's. *smirks evilly*

Rocio: *stands up* You are such a SICKO PERVERT!

Cody: *stands up and puts his finger in her face* Wanna repeat that?!?!

Kevin: *stands up in front of Rocio and shoves Cody backward* Back off!

Cody: Or what?! *kinda scared cuz Kevin is 3 inches taller than him*

Kevin: Or you'll get your ass kicked! *shoves him again and this time Cody falls on his back*

Cody: You're gonna regret that!! *gets up and swings his fist at Kevin*

Kevin: *dodges it and tackles Cody to the ground; starts beating Cody up*

Joe: *goes over and pulls Kevin off of Cody* Chill, man!

Kevin: The next time you *points his finger at Cody* talk to my girlfriend like that, your gonna be sorry! *starts walking away with the rest of the group, and turns back towards Cody* And stay away from Aly, too! *leaves with the others*

Rocio: *kisses Kevin* I love you.

Kevin: *smiles* Good, cuz I love you, too.

---With Nick and Aly---
Aly: *they are on her front porch* Well, thanks again.

Nick: No problem. Are you coming to Zac's party on Friday?

Aly: Ugh.....Niiiiiiiicccckkkkk......*sighs*

Nick: *gets on his knees & hugs her legs really tight* Please, please, please, please, please!! *looks up at her and gives her his best puppy dog eyes* Pretty please?

Aly: *feels her knees getting weak because of the way he's looking at her; looks away* Oh crap...I can't believe I'm saying this, but...fine. I'll go.

Nick: *jumps up* YES!!!!! *clears throat and runs his hand through his hair* I mean, uh, cool. *grins at her*

Aly: *giggles and pushes his arm playfully* You're so weird!

Nick: *laughs* Well...your giggle is weird. But I like it. *smiles and moves a little closer to her* I guess. *looks into her eyes while smiling*

Aly: *blushes uncontrollably* Oh, um, thanks. *smiles at him* I guess. *they both laugh*

Kevin: *walks up with Joe and winks at Nick* Hello, kids.

Aly: Where's Nathy and Rocio? *oblivious to the wink, and moves away from Nick a bit cuz they were standing really close*

Joe: Well, hi to you, too. *Aly rolls her eyes*

Kevin: We took them home already. *smiling while looking from Nick to Aly over and over*

Joe: And Kevin totally kicked Cody's ass! *pounds his knuckles against Kevin's*

Nick & Aly: What? Why? *look at eachother and laugh*

Kevin: We'll explain tomorrow. We all have homework to do.

Aly: Peace, dudes. *waves and smiles at Nick as the 3 boys walk down her porch steps*

Nick: *turns around and is walking backward* By the way, it's a pool party!

Aly: NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!!!!!! *upset cuz she's not comfortable in her body*

Nick: Don't forget to wear something sexy!!!! Bye!! *runs off to catch up with his brothers; mutters under his breath* She really is the girl of my dreams...

Chapter 4: The Cleats Go Where, Now?

----Friday; Lunchtime----
Nick: Where's Cody?

Kevin: Over at- *gets cut off*

Rocio: The sluts' table? *helpful look*

Kevin: *laughs along with the others* Not what I was gonna say, but yeah.

Aly: Oh, that's right. I forgot you guys aren't talking to him. What happened?

Joe: He said some stuff about some people and Kevin didn't take it lightly...

Nick: Who was he talking about?

Nathy: Rocio and Aly. *looks at Aly* You stay away from him.

Aly: *confused look* What did I do?

Rocio: Nothing. Just stay away from him. *eats some of her food*

Zac: Well, here he comes. *inches a little closer to Aly*

Cody: *walks over with Selena, Miley, and Mandy behind him* Hey, Aly. *smirks*

Aly: Um, hey. *feels Nick clench his fists next to her*

Cody: So you're coming to the party tonight, right? *checking her out*

Aly: Yeah... *glares at Nick* SOMEONE is making me go...

Selena: *sits down really close to ick and puts her hand on his arm* I can't wait for the party... *bats eyelashes*

Miley: What are you wearing to the party, Aly? *smirks* Cleats?

Aly: *stands up and puts her hands on the table while she leans a bit over it towards Miley* No, but if you don't shut your mouth, you, tweedle dumb, and tweedle dumbest will each be wearing a body bag with a pair of cleats shoved up your-- *gets cut off*

Nathy: *one hand over Aly's mouth and wags her finger at Aly* Bad.

Joe: *glaring at Cody* Why don't the four of you get lost. No one wants you over here.

Cody: *glares at Joe* Fine. I'll see you later, Aly. *smiles at her and he walks off, followed by Miley, Mandy, and Selena*

Aly: *moves Nathy's hand away* I didn't get to finish what I was going to say...

Mitchel: *laughs along with everyone and pounds fists with Aly* Nice. *the bell rings*

Aly: *sighs* See you guys at the party... *makes a sad face and everyone laughs*

----At Zac's House for the Pool Party----
Aly: *walks in wearing a black bikini with red skulls and crossbones all over it*

Nathy: *runs over to her wearing a purple bikini and hugs Aly* You look HOT, chica!

Rocio: *comes over wearing a green Ed Hardy bikini* Nick will LOVE you in that!

Aly: *blushes deep red* I'm NOT wearing this for Nick. *crosses arms*

Rocio & Nathy: *they look at eachother* yeah, right. *they each grab one of Aly's arms and pull her over to their group of friends*

Nick: *staring at Aly* Whoa! What happened?! *checking her out*

Selena: *walks over with Miley and Mandy* Yeah... You actually look like a girl. *jealous that Nick is checking Aly out*

Aly: *rolls her eyes* Shove it up your-- *gets cut off*

Nathy: Green isn't your best color, SEL.

Miley: Practice what you preach. *smirks*

Nathy: That's funny. I don't see anything to be jealous of.

Miley: how about the fact that Joe would rather have me in bed than you? *smirks*

Joe: *nearly chokes on his drink* What?!

Nathy: *getting really mad* Someone tell the whore standing in front of me to back up before I fuck her up...

Rocio: Nathy, you know she's lying. *grabs her arm*

Mandy: Someone afraid of the competition? *smirks*

Aly: *really angry by all the drama Selena, Miley, and Mandy are causing* Competition for what? To see who could kick who's ass or to be the biggest slut?! I'm sure we ALL know the answer to the that. *smirks*

Mandy: *scoffs* We could make your lives a living hell.

Rocio: Why don't you three just make everyone happy by GOING to hell. *glares at them*

Nathy: Besides, we all know how you like to make people "happy".

Chapter 5: Partytime

Aly: *laughing with the guys* Good one! *high fives Nathy*

Cody: *walks over to Aly* Hey. *smiles*

Aly: *can't resist smiling at him* Hey, Cody.

Cody: *looks her up and down* I like that bathing suit. You should walk around in it more often... *smiles*

Aly: *blushes and feels a bit self-conscious* Oh, uh, thanks. *stares at his abs*

Cody: Wanna dance?

Aly: *glances behind her to see that the others were still arguing with Miley, Selena, and Mandy*